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CHOPPED STRAW for bedding

Chopped straw

This product has been designed together with our customers!
The following are our requirements for the raw material of this product: the fresh wheat straw without spots or fungi, humidity 14% or less, peculiar smell and nice golden color. The wheat straw is chopped to 5 or 10 mm length, cleaned of dust in three stages, compressed and packaged. This production process gives the product additional properties: high absorption rate, soft texture, free of dust, protected from external factors (packed) - 100% pure straw for bedding.
Our customers appreciate this product, because it is easy to use and dose / proportion, low labor costs, easy to store, clean and fresh live-stock farm, and short period of composting of used litter.
No doubt that it is the best choice of bedding for calves, bulls, cows, pigs and turkey breeders! 


100% natural fresh pure straw; 
Free of dust, spot, fungi; 
High absorption rate; 
Soft texture; 
Easy to use and dose / proportion; 
Low labor costs; 
Simple to store and distribute; 
Protected from external factors (packed);
Environmentally friendly, fast and easy recycling of used litter.


Ingredients, Wheat straw,  %                     100,0
Moisture, %                                        8,9
Fraction of particles, mm:              5,(or 10)
Absorption rate, % of weight:                300
Dust, from 0,2 to 5,0 μkm size:     not detected
Detection of dust, mg/m³ :                         1
Detection of Salmonella:              not detected
Enteropathogenic intestinal sticks:   not detected 
Mould count, CFU/g:                        108,0
*Satisfy the requirements of SPF standards for bedding. 


We produce about 700 tons of chopped straw per one season. 
We can deliver up to 65 tons (4 truckloads) per month. 



Compressed 20 kg bales in plastic wrap: 
24 bales on a pallet 1.2 x 0.8m (480 kg);
A full truckload: 33 pallets (15.84 tons).
*Generic, private label, paper and other sizes bags are also available. 
Please contact us for more information. 

We'll deliver any order from 0.96 to 15.84 tons!
A better price is always offered when ordering a truckload of 15.84 tons. 
Regular customers who purchase all season round are offered the best price. 
Please contact us for more information!


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