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Crushed straw pellets

The expression that best shows our view on this product is: Crushing top quality straw pellets makes a profit, while crushing medium or low quality pellets makes a headache!  We are concerned about the health of our customers and their livestock so we offer only the highest quality crushed straw pellets. The use of such bedding is not only suitable for poultry farms but also gives added value to them (e.g. healthier birds, lower death rates, higher growth and simpler composting). This is confirmed by many scientific studies, including the research of Hannover University of Veterinary Medicine. We take responsibility for the high quality of crushed straw pellets so we recommend it for use in all poultry farms (chicken, duck, turkey etc.) including very large farms. Try it and you will be satisfied! 


Maintains healthy birds’ feet;
100% natural product of wheat straws;
Good absorption rate (~400% by weight), drainage and friability;
Reduces death rate;
Reduces ammonia concentration and smell in premises;
Stimulates birds’ growth;
No dust, mold, salmonella, bacteria, microorganisms and fungus;
Environmentally friendly product, recycling - the waste breaks down in weeks and can serve as an excellent fertilizer. 
Comply with the requirements of SPF standards for bedding.


Amount of arsenic (LST EN 14546:2005 (A))                   not detected
Moisture and other volatile substances (SVP 5.4-07), %                  9.8 
Detection of Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) 25g (SVP5.4-6M)  not detected
Amount of mercury (SVP 5.4-102)                                 19.0
Amount of cadmium (LST EN 15550:2008 (A))                 6.0
Mold count (LST ISO 21527-2:2008)                           110.0 CFU/g
Detection of Salmonella 25g (LST EN ISO 6579:2003/AC:2006)    not detected
Amount of lead (LST EN 15550:2008 (A))                     72.0


We produce about 2000 tons of crushed straw pellets per one season. 
We can deliver up to 200 tons (8 truckloads) per month of this product.


In 1000 kg big bags: A truckload: 24 big bags (24.0 tons).
* Generic, private label, paper and other sizes bags are also available. Please contact us for more information. 


We'll deliver any order from 1 to 24 tons!
A better price is always offered when ordering a truckload of 24 tons. 
Regular customers who purchase all season round are offered the best price. Please contact us for more information!


We will take care of delivery of your order at the best price at any time and place agreed. Please submit your request about the products you are interested in and we will give you an offer including the delivery service. You will only have to provide access to your site for a full-size truck and arrange unloading.

If you need additional information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!