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WOOD SHAVINGS for bedding

Wood shavings

It is the most widely known and used product for bedding. We acknowledge that most customers are better informed of this product than we are. So we just needed to use their knowledge to create a niche product for cow farms with a set of exclusive characteristics:
1. Small (only ~10%) moisture is reached by air-drying and kiln-drying the wood raw materials before shavings production.  Why? We don't kiln-dry wood shavings because it gives a crust on the shavings, which is fairly rough to scratch the udder of the cow. It leads to the use of antibiotics and a ban to deliver milk to the dairy. As a result, we need to seek medical treatment for cows, which is very costly for farmers.
2. No "wood needles" / splinters. Shaving process of our production technology enforces rigorous screening procedures to remove the possibility to shape small pieces of wood, which can form needles / splinters. Otherwise, wood needles / splinters could pierce animals’ hooves or other parts and cause inflammation.
3. The specially sized thin flakes of wood shavings mean that there is more wood fiber by volume than with larger grades of shavings. This ensures maximum liquid and odor absorption and softness of bedding.
4. Using only pine and fir trees wood.  Our shavings are safe, specially sized, dust-free, kiln-dried before production and rigorously screened for any unwanted debris, producing a clean, quality bagged wood shavings product from pine and fir tree wood. We ensure that each bag is filled with top quality bedding for the dairy industry and other livestock uses, including pig, poultry and horse bedding. 


100% safe for animals;
No sharp edges, no wood needles / splinters;
Specially sized; 
10% moisture; 
Maximum absorption; 
Superb fresh odor; 
100% natural softwood; 
Constant quality; 
Low spore content; 
Easy to clean;
100% biodegradable. 


10% moisture; 
Made entirely from kiln-dried softwood timber; 
100% natural softwood; 
No harmful bacteria detected.
Comply with the requirements of SPF standards for bedding.



We produce about 1500 tons of wood shavings per one season.
We can deliver up to 130 tons (8 truckloads) per month.


Compressed 20 kg bales in water resistant plastic wrap: 
24 bales on a pallet 1.2 x 0.8m (480 kg); 
A full truckload: 33 pallets (15.84 tons).
*Generic, private label, paper and other sizes bags are also available. Please contact us for more information.


We'll deliver any order from 0.96 to 15.84 tons!
A better price is always offered when ordering a truckload of 15.84 tons. 
Regular customers who purchase all season round are offered the best price. Please contact us for more information!


We will take care of delivery of your order at the best price at any time and place agreed. Please submit your request about the products you are interested in and we will give you an offer including the delivery service. You will only have to provide access to your site for a full-size truck and arrange unloading.


If you need additional information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!