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HAY PELLETS for feed (ø 8 mm)


Hay pellets from EINUVA
NEW IMPROVED QUALITY Baltic Sea region grass for horses. 
Iodine-rich air and fertile soil of natural floodplain meadows provide these north coast region hay pellets with particular freshness and healthiness. Large, deep green and natural lowland floodplain meadows without monocultures with long-fibre plants and naturally growing herbs. All the freshness of grass, natural nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements are preserved during the entire process (from hay harvesting, raw material preparation, storage and manufacture of pellets to their delivery). Quality control is performed during each stage.
Made with the utmost care from first-cut natural grass and without any additives.
This structurally particularly rich feed with low protein and high fibre content meets all the nutritional needs of horses and ensures smooth functioning of the digestive system, therefore it is often used as basic single feed or as a substitute to hay.
We recommended storing the hay pellets in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


100% natural feed product produced from floodplain meadow grass;
Consistent top quality throughout the season;
Easy use and cost-effective storage;
The pellets are dust-free without any mould, fungi, impurities, chemicals, preservatives, dyes, GMOs, waste or artificial additives.


As a replacement of main feed: 1.2 - 1.5 kg/day per 100 kg of horse’s weight by replacing the quantity of the main feed. 1.2 kg of coastal hay pellets replace ~0.9 kg of grain.
Adapt the quantity to the main feed: 1 kg of coastal hay pellets replaces 1 kg of hay. (dry mass in 1 litre container is equal to ~0,63 kg)
Before feeding, soften (place) 1 kg of pellets in 1.5-3 litres of lukewarm water for about 20 minutes.
Make sure that fresh water is always available for the horse.


This season we plan to produce about 2000 tons of grass hay pellets. 
We can deliver up to 200 tons (8 truckloads) per month.


In 20 kg paper bags: 50 bags on a pallet 1,0 x 1,2m (1000 kg); A truckload: 24 pallets (24,0 tons);
In 1100 kg big bags: A truckload: 22 big bags (24,2 tons).
*Also available generic, private label, paper and other sizes bags, please contact us for more information.


We'll deliver any order from 1 to 24 tons!
A better price is always offered when ordering a truckload of 24 tons. 
Regular customers who purchase all season round are offered the best price. 
Please contact us for more information!


We will take care of delivery of your order at the best price at any time and place agreed. Please submit your request about the products you are interested in and we will give you an offer including the delivery service. You will only have to provide access to your site for a full-size truck and arrange unloading.

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